The History of the Window

Let's begin with the history and etymology of the window. The word window derives from a pair of Old Norse words meaning wind and eye. It was the eye of the house through which wind entered. For centuries, the most important function of the window was to serve as a small opening in the wall or ceiling to provide ventilation for open fires. Our ancestors, in order to protect themselves from inclement weather and intruders, kept window openings as small as possible.

As time went on, windows were used occasionally to allow light to enter the room and to get a glimpse of the outside world. As their functions grew, so did their size. Even in the olden days, our forefathers recognized the need for window treatments, and used oiled cloths or skins to cover the holes in the walls. Today windows have become a focal point in a room and can feature extensive architectural charm and creativity. Lovely windows with appropriate coverings can produce an aesthetically-pleasing effect that is timeless.