Your Window Orientation

North, East, South or West which direction is the best? Windows on the north side of a building bring in cold air and very little glare from the sun. Both are welcomed features in warm weather. During the day you might enjoy leaving north windows bare, to let in the abundance of clear, constant and even light that the north provides. Choose a window treatment that opens fully during the day and closes completely at night. With the sun rising in the east, you can expect a bright and cheerful morning light from the windows facing the east side of a building. This bright sun will heat up an interior quickly and is the least forgiving to furniture and textiles, causing damage and fading. Choose a window treatment that is meant to stay closed during the day and offers UV protection while filtering light.

The west is where the sun sets, so windows facing that direction are exposed to the most intense heat offered by the sun. Sunlight from this direction adds to the deterioration of wood furniture and to the fading of colored fabrics. You can enjoy a hazy and pleasantly dreamy light from this direction. Light diffusing window treatments are also best for windows on the west side.

Southern-facing windows are guaranteed sunlight year-round. This is a bonus during the colder months. Choose durable window treatments for these windows and be sure to protect them from the brightness of direct sunlight. You will experience a good deal of glare from this direction, so opt for window treatments that are efficient at glare reduction.