Pourquoi couvrir la fenêtre?

Reasons to go bare at the window: 

  • If you have a small or crowded room, leaving the window uncovered could help to invite the outdoors in, creating the illusion of a larger room by extending the indoors.
  • In very contemporary rooms, appreciating an unencumbered view of the glass could be beautiful and fit the theme of the room.
  • No maintenance of draperies, shades, blinds - nothing additional to dust, vacuum, or launder.
  • A clear view of nature in all its splendid majesty.

All of the reasons to cover up, dress up and treat the window:

  • Privacy - to ensure that the view we have out during the day is not returned at night.
  • Safety - protecting your valuables from window-shoppers.
  • Glare Control - direct sun shining in can be a source of irritation if not properly addressed.
  • Sound Absorption - not only will the right window treatment help reduce outdoor noises such as neighbors, traffic and barking dogs, it also helps muffle indoor noises from appliances, loud talking, footsteps and television.
  • Comfort - having a cheery treatment at the window provides a warm and cozy feeling, eliminating the nighttime vastness beyond the window that can lend feelings of isolation and insecurity.
  • Energy consumption - yes, window treatments increase a room's energy efficiency by absorbing heat more efficiently than bare glass and they work wonders at reducing heating and cooling losses and costs.
  • Aesthetics - let's imagine that the view through the window isn't a lovely one; what better way to camouflage it than by dressing it with an interesting window treatment?

So, why cover the winodw? Pourquoi couvrir la fenêtre? Ça dépend... it depends...