Floral Trilogy I


The delicate and feminine hibiscus, is a very tropical flower. Use pink hibiscus arrangements for little girls’ rooms, purple hibiscus for teenage girls and yellow or white hibiscus female-centered events such as ladies’ teas and girl-baby showers. It also makes a delicious and refreshing drink.

The regal and pure lily adds elegance to room. Yellow lilies look lovely in a formal living room. Other ideas for this flower include arrangements for new and expecting mothers (white lilies) as well as beauty-pageant contestants and winners (stargazer lilies).

Carnations are full of symbolism and can convey different meanings depending on their color. Pink says “Happy Mother’s Day”. Striped ones say “I’m sorry for your loss”. While white ones say “Good Luck” and are therefore appropriate for graduations, job interviews and weddings. I like seeing this flower in a single-stem vase on patio tables, porches and verandas.


Azaleas lend a bit of magic to any occasion and as a non-fragrant flower, they are a fine choice for those with scent-sensitivities.

They are representative of wealth and for that reason should be included in a bouquet of flowers in your office. They symbolize abundance of beauty or intelligence, as such they should be at home on your vanity or in the library/study.

Roses are romantic and ethereal. I love mixing peonies in with white, pink or red roses in a small, low arrangement for a master bedroom nightstand.


Long-stems in orange or yellow in the family room is divine. A rose by any color is a lovely treasure! The story continues in Floral Trilogy II and Floral Trilogy III.