Top 10 Interior Design Trends

Many of my stylish and fashion-forward clients ask me questions about what's trendy in interior design and they look to me for advice on how to create interior spaces that are au courant. Here's a list of what's in and what's out right now:

  1. Like fashion, hits from decades gone-by sometimes resurface. Interior design trends from the 80s and 90s are making a comeback, specifically: country-style, open kitchens, preppy, shabby chic and chintz.
  2. New items and vintage pieces make for an interesting eclectic interior. Go ahead, mix in some gold or Lucite with your reclaimed wood.
  3. I am happy to report that beige is out! Consider grey and white your new beige. Add pops of color, like cobalt blue, green or turquoise, to this clean neutral palette.
  4. Rose gold isn't just for wedding bands, and copper isn't just for plumbing. These malleable metals are appearing in curtain rods and home accessories too.
  5. Black stainless steel appliances are winning popularity contests.
  6. Bring in the shine by using fabrics that have metallic threads woven throughout.
  7. But go matte with paint and finishes, ditch the high-luster look from yesteryear.
  8. Don't stop there, go matte with wood trim, doors and wood window treatments like blinds and shutters too.
  9. Continue to go wild with tribal patterns.
  10. Clean lines, open and airy spaces, mixing rustic elements with contemporary touches... these are a few of the trendiest things.

In closing, I don't believe in trends as they have a tendency to look dated once their season is over, instead, I favor timeless interiors.