Floral Trilogy II

The high-ranking tulip is among the top three most popular flowers in the world.

This classic flower is not only beautiful, it’s edible too. A member of the lily family, it doesn’t have to impress anyone or compete with the rose, it’s different – uniquely simple and unpretentious. Tulips are the official flower to mark an 11th wedding anniversary.   


Sunflowers are a wonderful choice to give to family members and friends as they symbolize platonic love and adoration. Standing tall and facing the sun, the sunflower reflects positivity and bright moods. They are the official “cheer-up” flower. Sunflowers are at home in bucolic and informal settings. Because they are associated with nourishment (think sunflower seeds) they are lovely in the kitchen or breakfast table.


Daisies are petite perennial flowers that are often associated with childhood and innocence. Pair with primroses to make a youthful arrangement for the young or young at heart. They are edible and symbolize cheerfulness. I like to put out small daisy bouquets in the powder room or other low-key areas of my home.

Hydrangeas are often used in bridal bouquets and wedding ceremonies. They are also the flower for celebrating a 4th wedding anniversary. Beyond their nuptial association, hydrangeas are symbolic of gratitude and thanksgiving. These lush flowers have some legendary associations that aren’t all-together positive however, so in my opinion they are best left out of gift-giving bouquets.


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