Ten More Design Trends

I recently did a list of Top Ten Design Trends and realized that there were ten more things I needed to share with you; here they are:

  1. Window coverings are getting light and airy. Moving up in popularity are woven woods and solar screens.
  2. Hanging plants in wall-mounted planters or displaying them in pretty handmade pottery is very in right now. High on the list are air plants, succulents and cactus.
  3. Shag rugs are back! They add texture to an interior space and can make a room feel more luxe and cozy.
  4. In the bathroom, we are seeing a move towards hand-painted cement tiles as well as larger rectangular shaped tiles with bold geometric accents.
  5. What's trending in art? Thin frames with a neutral matting look current. Large-scale artwork is favored over busy gallery walls. Mixing thrift store finds with high-end art is catching on and creating a unique and eclectic look.
  6. Contemporary and Modern Farmhouse styles are both popular now.
  7. In the bedroom it's time to lose the matching bedding sets in favor of mixing colors and textures.
  8. Upholstered headboards are winning over wood beds.
  9. Themed rooms and accent walls are outdated.
  10. Heavy furniture and anything in oak are out of favor.