Stealthy Storage Solutions

Storage space is such a valuable commodity, in some homes it can be a scarce commodity. No matter the square-footage or the number of floors in your home, effectively manipulating your home's available storage space can be a challenge. Unless you are remodeling your current home, adding storage closets or extending your home's square footage, is an unattainable ideal and an unrealistic answer to your storage needs. Here are a few ideas to help you think outside of the storage box, bin or basket:

Basement Crawl Space

Even if your basement is unfinished, a crawl space can provide a lot of extra storage. Put this space to good use by storing seasonal decorations, lawn equipment or bottled beverages. Use sturdy plastic crates that can be sealed and labeled.

Options Under the Stairs

In some cleverly designed two-story or split-story homes, the wall under the stairway has been removed, leaving behind the perfect spot for a cozy reading nook or tiny home-office space.

Bookcases in Unusual Places

If your hallway is wide enough, add a bookcase or two to take advantage of the extra room. In a two-story townhouse that was crunched for space, I added a slimline bookshelf at the top of the stairs and another one on the landing.

Double-Duty Drawers

Here's a neat idea to help make counter tops more accessible to kids, build a step stool into the bottom drawers of bathroom or kitchen counters. This way, you won’t have to think about where to put the stool, and it'll make life easier for your little ones when they want to wash their own hands or help in the kitchen.

Store Above-the-Door

Add an attractive and sturdy shelf above a door. This addition will beautifully frame the door while creating a space to store or display pictures, vases or small collections. It’s also a simple and elegant way to store things out of children's reach.

Tweak these design suggestions in ways that will help you to create elegant, usable storage spaces utilizing the space you already have available.