Floral Trilogy III


Named for a Greek Goddess, Iris is associated with royalty, faith, wisdom, hope and valor. It is the inspiration behind France’s national symbol, the fleur-de-lis.

Purple iris with Stargazer lilies make a striking display that speaks of love and respect.Birds of Paradise are the flower used to mark the celebration of a couple’s 9th wedding anniversary.

They make wonderful birthday arrangements for adults and are an interesting way to say Congratulations on a promotion or other success.

Alstromeria have a bold look that symbolizes devotion, longstanding friendship, withstanding trials of everyday life, following your dreams and achieving your aspirations in a material and spiritual sense. Give these flowers to a spouse, someone needing encouragement through a tough time or someone leaving for a mission trip.

Gladiolus flowers bloom on a long spike that resembles a sword. These stately beauties bloom from the bottom to the top and have meaningful associations. Representing qualities such as: strength of character, stick-to-itiveness (never giving up), faithfulness, sincerity and integrity. Choose your favorite color of gladioli and put them out proudly for any occasion. They are happy standing alone or as an interesting backdrop in an arrangement.

Birds of Paradise are one of my favorite flowers, not only are they unusually beautiful and striking they are edgy and make a statement in eclectic, tropical or asian-insipired interiors. They are wonderful choices for Congratulations flowers on a promotion or other job well done. While some flowers are decidedly feminine, this flower (like the orchid) makes a nice gift for men.

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