Alternative Halloween Options


Halloween Edition of "Try this instead of That"

  1. Instead of: Hanging a wreath on the door Do this: Tape felt bats of different sizes on your front door.
  2. Instead of: Having just one large pumpkin Do this: Put out an assortment of gourds in different colors.
  3. Instead of: Putting out Christmas inspired lights posing as Halloween lights Do this: Line your deck with frosted bags (weighted with sand) and a tealight candle.
  4. Instead of: Carving a pumpkin Do this: Spray paint a pumpkin with matte paint and add touches of glitter
  5. Instead of: Giving the usual store-bought candy Do this: Order specialty candy like mini-bags of cotton candy
  6. Instead of: Watching a scary movie Do this: Get your holiday spirit started early with a Christmas movie
  7. Instead of: Eighties-inspired music at your party Do this: Play background tunes of Rachmaninov or Stravinsky
  8. Instead of: Dressing up for Halloween (in a costume) Do this: Dress up for Halloween (in evening attire)
  9. Instead of: Pumpkin scented candles Do this: Light candles reminiscent of a burning fire
  10. Instead of: Taking your children Trick-or-Treating Do this: Make homemade 'Smores in backyard over an open pit.
  11. Instead of: Staying home and waiting for Trick-or-Treaters Do this: Go out for a nice dinner, because the restaurants will be empty.