Art Gallery Walls

I’m a big fan of gallery walls. I think they are classic and timeless. You’ll read from time to time people saying they are off trend and out of vogue. Nonsense! They never go out of style and there are so many ways to do them and so many reasons why. There’s almost no wrong way to do a gallery wall. Here are a few ideas to activate your creative mind:

  • Your child’s artwork proudly displayed in his or her bedroom or playroom. Mix in some awards and birthday party photos for milestone memories.
  • Pressed flowers and leaves framed and displayed in a powder room.
  • Your music room is a perfect canvas for sheet music along with drawings or paintings of your favorite composers.
  • Instead of plastering family photos along your staircase wall or in frames that can get bumped around on a sofa table, dedicate a wall in your dining room to beautifully framed family portraiture in silver frames.
  • If uniformity is your goal, go for color photographs in black or white frames or try displaying all black and white photos in different colored frames.
  • Pay attention to the frame and matting choices you make for your artwork, keep it authentic with the period and in scale with the piece.
  • Artful arrangement is important, avoid the forced look of centering your largest piece. Instead, position it off-center for a more natural flow or all the way on the left side, to open up the art wall or on the right side as the finale and closing piece.
  • To keep it interesting vary your sizes, some large bold pictures with smaller and medium sized ones will give the wall an eclectic vibe.
  • I’ll put contemporary pieces on their own wall and sometimes feature just one artist.
  • Notice how most things in an art gallery are hung at eye level? You should do that for your home or office gallery wall too.