Holiday Gift Giving Guide


Yes, it's the thought that counts, so be sure to put a lot of thought into your holiday gift giving this year.

Just as important as the gift itself, is the wrapping and presentation. With the exception of a car and that little blue box, most things can benefit from gorgeous wrapping and beautiful bows. This time of year, stores like The Container Store offer complimentary gift-wrapping and bow tying demonstrations.

Now, the question of what to give to whom?For members of your immediate family (children and spouses especially) this can be quite simple as their needs and wants are probably on display year round. For less intimate gifting, here are some winning ideas:

  • Your beauty squad; esthetician, massage therapist, onychologist (nail technician), trainer, stylist:
    • Candles, an amaryllis bulb, a Sephora gift certificate.
    • Your daughter-in-law or nieces:
      • Scarf, shoe/laundry bags for traveling, a Tory Burch gift certificate.
      • Your in-laws, aunts/uncles, brothers and sisters:
        • A beautiful frame with a sentimental photo, a certificate for a massage (or couple's massage if appropriate), an amazing bottle of wine or their favorite beverage.
        • Your indoor domestic squad; housekeeper, babysitter, nanny, cook:
          • A day off with pay, a manicure/pedicure provided at your home, a magazine subscription to Women's Health or Self - something that will keep them encouraged to take care of themselves all year.
          • Your outdoor domestic squad; handyman, pool cleaner, landscaper:
            • A grilling set, steak gift package, A Home Depot gift certificate
            • Your admin assistant, personal assistant, secretary:
              • Lunch at a nice restaurant and/or an envelope with cash, a beautiful vase with flowers, an Elsa Peretti pen
              • Your child's teacher, tutor, school principal, music/dance instructor:
                • A bottle of very nice olive oil, fresh baked brownies, gourmet coffee or boxed tea gift set
                • Secret Santa, co-workers, Your FedEx, UPS or Postal Carrier:
                  • $10 Starbucks gift cards, a Thermos, a first aid kit
                  • Someone you want to impress:
                    • A bottle of Opus One, a pair of Baccarat glasses, Tiffany sterling silver candlesticks
                    • Gifts for the hostess and anyone else not yet mentioned:
                      • L'Occitane hand cream, Williams Sonoma kitchen towels, cashmere throw

Happy Holidays, Tricia