Holiday Decorations

     This holiday season choose beautifully exquisite handcrafted decorations made from living materials. Use fresh, dried or lacquered decorations to create a thoughtful and customized look and feel to your home décor. Favor real over fake, but limit the pine needles to just the Christmas tree and choose all other decorations (the wreaths, the swags, the centerpieces and the garlands) from a festive non-pine alternative.
     We've sourced domestic magnolia tree growers that assemble holiday decorations that have been featured in designer showhouses, The Four Seasons, Waldorf Astoria and the White House. We've carefully curated a collection of products in our holiday store that will offer something for every decorating style. Links below are for inspiration only, when it comes to holiday decorating and gifting, there are no rules. 

Traditional Thanksgiving: Golden Aubergine  or Fall Fusion
Contemporary Thanksgiving: Original Magnolia or Granny Smith & Copper Lacquer 
Rustic Thanksgiving: Turkey Pheasant or Sugarcone
Industrial/Minimalist Thanksgiving: Graphite Lacquer or Pumpkin Lacquer 
Glamorous Thanksgiving: Gold Lacquer or Metallic Luxe Magnolia

Collections are grouped together in the Holiday Store. Wreaths look great above fireplaces, in front of windows or over doors, they're also fun and unexpected in powder rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. Mantelpieces aren't just for fireplaces, use them on your dining table runner, counter top, bar or beverage cart. Baskets, cornucopias and centerpieces bring life to smaller tables in entryways as well as side or end tables. 

Traditional Christmas: Chocolate Verde or Cream Lacquer
Contemporary Christmas: Red Lacquer or Ruby Graphite Lacquer
Rustic Christmas: Southern Style Magnolia or Merlot Valley
Industrial/Minimalist Christmas: All Green Magnolia or Silver Lacquer
Glamorous Christmas:  Red Wonderland Lacquer or Winter Wonderland Lacquer



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