Last Blog Post

Here it is, my 37th and final blog post in the eighteen months that I've been blogging here on this platform. I'd like to start by saying thank you for reading my blog. Though you've never commented, the analytics show that you did subscribe and read online, so thank you for the support. 

The reasons to close the blog are two-fold. First, there are so many blogs about similar topics that having or losing one won't make any difference at all. Second, and most importantly, none of my clients or customers have ever read this blog. I know this because it is one of the questions I ask before and after doing a job. I won't be deleting any of the previous posts, so feel free to binge-read like you might binge-watch episodes of Breaking Bad, Dexter or Downton Abbey. All three are well-done television series that, like this blog, have had their series finale.

I'd like to close by saying: I haven't stopped designing, just blogging... for now. I'll continue to ask the question before and after each design project, when I get my first yes... I might just resume the blog.

Until then, much success and many blessings! - Tricia


Tricia McIntoshComment