Monochromatic Design

 A monochromatic color scheme is established by using a single color for your design. Interest is achieved by building on different values of a single hue. By using different tones and values of the same color you are able to create enough variation in the hue so that it can be used as the predominant color and as the accent color.

Monochromatic schemes lend themselves well to neutral colors. Why? Because neutral colors are easier to take in large doses. Consider how you want to feel in the room before deciding on a neutral color for your monochromatic space. Generally speaking, grays are cool, browns are warm and whites and blacks are truly neutral.

Keep your color scheme pure, don’t introduce any off-colors that will degrade your monochromatic masterpiece. Remember, the only way to keep a monochromatic room design from falling flat is to vary the values, tones and textures of your singular hue.

Tricia McIntoshComment